Kellah Farm Newsletter

July 2017

The news so far this has been completed on Chapel View cottage, which now has a new kitchen and new kitchen flooring.

In the B&B, all five rooms have been refreshed with new decor including bedspreads, cushions and artwork. The farm has been refreshed (!) with the moving of a shed to the other side of the farm letting the light through from the west.

Sad news is that BT have removed our telephone box after many decades!! Apparently one phonecall in ten years isn't enough to warrant keeping it! So if you have a mobile phone it would be a good idea to bring it along with you in case of emergency.

We have filled the silage pit up with this years grass in the last few days so Tom has breathed a sigh of relief, however the hay fields remain left to cut. Still no pigs at Kellah Farm, though Jordans Leicester Ewes have got themselves settled in what was going to be the pig sty!

The extension of the Alston steam railway line is almost complete, the first steam train in many years arrived at Slaggyford station a few days ago I believe, so get yourselves over for a look.

A new national landscape discovery centre has opened on Hadrians Wall called 'The Sill'...check it out online at

Stay tuned for another exciting installment..........


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